Power Trip

March 07

Part V: Wrapping up loose ends and installing the drivetrain

By Rick Jensen

I want ths Turbo-T to run l0s nd be as reliable as your girl’s Honda, and with the Hartline Turbo V-6 built and shipped to Ron’s Custom Auto in Jersey. and the Dynotech Performance 200-4R modified for the five-disc Vigilante converter, it was finalIy time 10 start building toward that goal. Bu we have a ton of work ahead of us at Ron’ his isn’t simply a drivetrain swap, as my T, after 160,000 miles, has seen better days. I don’t want to just throw a sparkling new mill into a rusty engine bay, and I really don’t want to count on original parts like the Wiring harness, trans and fuel lines, radiator, and motor and trans mounts when I want to run big numbers and make it to and from the track without calling AAA. So I guess you could sayy that this is GMHTPs first resto-build (damn, I feel old). Also, the engine still has some final assembly components that we need 10 install, and the fuel system currently consists of a single-pump setup that won’t supply enough fuel for my goals. Yep, the old girl needs some serious n.c before we crank ‘er up—we’d better get started.