Classic Tube has Replacement Brake and Fuel Lines for Your GM or GMC Four-Wheel Drive Trucks

A vital upgrade in fuel and brake lines may be necessary for your GM/GMC FWD truck!

Dirt, road debris, salt, off-roading and age can all contribute to the mild steel rust and corrosion of these critical lines. This can result in the lines leaking and failing brake and fuel systems, causing dangerous safety issues on your trusted GM/GMC 4WD truck.

Standard OE steel fuel and brake lines supplied on the following vehicles are affected:

  • GM/GMC shortbed trucks
  • GM/GMC longbed trucks
  • GM/GMC regular and heavy-duty 4WD trucks, including the 1995–1999 Tahoe
  • Mostly affected– ½ and ¾-ton vehicles from 1998 through 2008, depending on your vehicle

The solution to this problem is installing 100% correct stock replacement lines in stainless steel from CLASSIC TUBE. These direct replacement stainless steel lines will last indefinitely, resisting rust and salt deterioration. CLASSIC TUBE replacement brake and fuel lines can also be ordered with stainless end fitting for further protection.

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